TK/TK-146 Cinaraggia.

march 3rd 2019

SOTA ref : TK/TK-146
Locator : JN41iw11
Asl : 528 m 
 tk146 1

This summit is the highest point of the north rim of the Gulf of Ajaccio. It is a easy one as it is on a very popular track "Le sentier des crêtes", the crest road which follows the coastline from the city center to the slopes of Sanguinaires. Lasting three hours, this path is accessible to everyone, and offers exceptional views of the coast, plunging views balcony above the sea. This path allows a botanical discovery of the natural environment in mountain.

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TK/TK-162 Monte Sant'Angelo

march 3rd 2019

Monte Sant'Angelo
SOTA ref : TK/TK-162
Locator : JN41JW46
Asl : 238 m

This summit has been added to the SOTA list a week ago and is now probably the easiest summit for me...
A communication tower is on top of it, and when you're there you understand why ! It is in the middle of the gulf  and of the industrial and urban zone.

The top is flat and can be reached by car or bike.

I made my best results so far from this summit. Was it due to good conditions or good location, the future will say.
I made 49 QSO and a few S2S, all on 40 m CW. I will be back with more bands.

 tk162 1 tk162 2     
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TK/TK-049 Punta Tirulellu

2 march 2019
Punta Tirulellu
SOTA ref : TK/TK-049
Locator : JN42la82
ASL : 1541 m
 tk049 2

This summit has never been activated before and i never have been on it. The WX forecast was good ,so it was time to activate it !
The track is marked with yellow stripes until you reach the pass "Bocca Pazzara" where you leave the track and must stay on the ridge line until the summit.
It took me 2 h 45 min to reach the summit and both ways are 13.31 km long.

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TK/TK-073 Punta Sant'Eliseo

Punta Sant'Eliseo
SOTA ref : TK/TK-073
Locator : JN42kb53
Asl : 1271 m
 tk073 2

Nice weather, no wind and a need of some physical activity convinced me to activate a summit.
TK073 Sant'Eliseu has never been activated before, is not very far from home but needs about 800 m climbing.. The right candidate !

The path is clean and well marked, so no problem. I already visited this summit several times before but without any radio...
Randonnée Tavaco - Sant'Eliseu (in french)

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TK/TK-095 Punta Cuzzanicciu

Punta Cuzzanicciu
SOTA ref : TK/TK-095
Locator: JN41ku64
Asl : 1059 m 
 TK095 3

This is the first 2 points summit i've activated.
The track to this summit is clean as most of it uses the "Mare a mare centre" path that crosses the island from West to East. At some point, you leave this path and there is a small track marked with stones that brings you to the summit. It takes about 1,5 hours and 600 m altitude gain.
On the summit, there are a few professionnal radio repeaters. The towers and solar pannels are poorly maintained...
The view is magical ! I saw the island of Sardinia and the smaller islands North of it... The gulf of Ajaccio laying at my feet.

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TK/TK-140 Urticelli

SOTA ref : TK/TK-140
Locator: JN41ix95
Asl : 573 m

This is a very easy summit to reach, a very short 30 min walk and you're there. Almost to easy !
The view is very nice in all directions and the summit is flat and grassy, which is rather rare in Corsica ! I will activate it again later in the season and i have more bands to activate. This can be an after work evening activation...

The setup went quickly and without any problem. I've been QRV in a very short time.
Once powered, the QCX was receiving CQ TEST on 7032 MHz. Noooooo, NOT AGAIN ! Contests are a real plague for QRPers !

I managed to work only 19 stations on 7036 MHz, after that i had no more answers and i stopped my activity.
Two S2S contacts anyways... :-)

TK140 1  TK140 2  TK110 3
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