The purpose of this small online shop is to sell the parts and equipemnts i have. I need to clean my flat !!
I didn't put a online payment system. So please contact me to get a price and shipping conditions.
Not everything is online, so please ask me, i perhaps have what you're looking for !

Thanks for your visit.

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Passive components

METRIX panel meter range 0-100

METRIX panel meter 1 range 0-100 Panel cut & meter size : ...

METRIX panel meter 2 ranges

METRIX panel meter 2 ranges : 0-100 & 0-150 Panel cut & ...

Ajustable air capacitor 5-55pF

Ajustable air capacitor 5-55 pF No axe - settings with ...

Ajustable air capacitor 5-40pF

Ajustable air capacitor 5-40pF No axe - settings with ...

Variable air capacitor 325pF

Variable air capacitor 325pF With 6mm axe Range 14-325 pF

S-meter LAFAYETTE model 99-25074

S-meter - modulation meter LAFAYETTE ...

Large knobs graduated 70mm

Large knobs graduated Graduation 0-100 over 300° Diameter ...

Variable capacitor 3 sections

Variable capacitor 3 sections 2 sections 8-20 pF 1 ...

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